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The North Carolina Education Lottery has been around for more than a decade and during that time has raised billions for state schools. Offering various games such as scratch-offs, draw games and Keno as well as ways to play responsibly by providing information about odds calculations, budget management techniques and support networks for those experiencing problems with gambling addiction, the lottery has helped raise tens of billions.

Scratch-off games are immensely popular with players, accounting for nearly two-thirds of tickets sold each month. These instantaneous forms of gaming allow the player to know instantly whether or not they’ve won, usually by scratching off an area on their ticket that will reveal numbers or symbols indicating prize amounts. Lotteries usually offer up about 75 scratch-off games at any one time with limited prizes available each month of availability of each one.

Popular lottery games in North Carolina include multi-jurisdictional draw games such as Mega Millions – offering an attractive starting jackpot of $1537 million with possibilities that grow steadily over time. Mega Millions is played across 45 states and DC.

North Carolina Lottery players can also try their luck in other draws, including Carolina Cash 5 and EZ Match, both of which cost $1 to enter. Carolina Cash 5 allows participants to select five numbers between 1-43 for a potential top prize of $100,000 that increases if no one wins during the initial drawing; while EZ Match gives them an opportunity to match any of their picked numbers against those that match those won in a second drawing afterward, giving players up to a $500 win prize if any match the winning numbers from either drawing.

Responsible gamblers can use either the website or mobile app to learn about responsible gaming and set deposit limits, while accessing resources like fact sheets and videos. There’s even an opt-out feature which enables them to temporarily discontinue online play if desired.

Lottery players can also access the NC Lottery Official Mobile App for added convenience in purchasing tickets on the go and scanning tickets to check for wins as well as entering them into Lucke-Rewards program and earning points. Available for both iOS and Android devices.